About Me

Hello There,

Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 Here is a small intro about me !

My name is Ravi Kumar S, currently I am with VMware, Singapore via Partner Net One Asia & EZDC Automation – I have a dual role to play VMware PSO Consultant and VMware Pre-Sale Engineer. I basically work with VMware Cloud stack. (VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware on AWS, vRealize Suite, vCloud Director etc.)

So, if I recollect how & when I met virtualization for first time, feel like I am going through a history book.

It was during my 10th Grade vacation, my friend’s bro took me to his office, I was all excited cause I can play online games.

I was all set to launch a browser & play on a PC, I was asked to wait and I suddenly see Windows XP loading screen on a Windows machine which is already booted up !!!!!!!!!!!

I was puzzled but dint bother to ask any questions at that moment, cause I just wanted a browser to play games :). Lately I realized, it was a VM on VMware Workstation. Such an amazing feeling every time I recollect this part of my life.

What have I been doing all these years:


– Started as a hardware engineer, there was a time in my life when I used to assemble a PC in less than 15 mins. Then install OS, Anti-virus, apps etc.


– Started supporting/servicing Servers and worked on few call center applications, client server architecture etc. (Skylux)

[Minor Update]

– Joined MNC (HP) – Tech Support (Laptop, Desktop, Thin Clients, HPDM Software…) – Global customers, learnt so many things especially corporate world.

[Major Upgrade]

– Joined VMware – World of virtualization! learnt – learning – will be learning technologies every day.

vSphere – Virtual Network – Virtual Storage – vRealize Suite………………..

[Version 2.0 of myself]

– Implementiong solutions which ever I learnt over the years and part of pre-sale as well.



CompTIA Server +

CompTIA Network +

VMware Certified Associate Datacenter Virtualization

VMware Certified Associate 6 – Cloud Management and Automation

VMware Certified Professional 7 – Cloud Management and Automation

VMware vSAN 6.7 Specialist Exam 2019

VMware vRealize Operations 7.5

VMware Certified Professional 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, 6.7 Datacenter Virtualization

VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization 6.2

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5.5 Datacenter Virtualization

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 – Cloud Management and Automation Design

AWS Associate Architect

~ Ravi Kumar S