Working with vRA 7.x API Calls

Below is the procedure to get information about a request from vRA via API calls: (I have used POSTMAN client to demonstrate. This is just an example, you can follow similar process to queries other details as well)

Step 1:

Make a post call to your vRA with following details:

POST: https://<vRA_FQDNorIP>/identity/api/tokens
Authorization: No Auth
Headers: Key: Content-Type Value: application/json, Key: Accept Value: application/json
Body (raw): {“username”:”<vRA_Username>”,”password”:”<Password>”,”tenant”:”<Tenant_Name>”}

You should get below output:

Step 2:
Copy only the highlighted part from the output body and add this as Bearer Token in Authorization tab (Note: The bearer token is valid for 24 hours from the time it is generated)

Step 3:
Now, you can start sending GET or any requests to query your vRA, for example:
GET: (This will return all the requests processed by vRA so far)

Step 4:
From the above output if you need to get more details about any particular request, copy the request id like the one highlighted in above screenshot and execute below call:


Below is the output:

That’s it!