Configuring vCloud Director Content Pack with Log Insight

In this demonstration I have used these versions: Log Insight: 4.5.1, vCloud Director: 9.1, vCloud Director Content Pack: 8.8

Step 1:

Install vCloud Director content pack from Menu Icon -> Content Packs -> Marketplace

Step 2:

Click on Menu Icon -> Administration -> Agents -> vCloud Director Cell Servers and click on COPY TEMPLATE -> Give a name and click on Copy

Step 3:

Add a filter to get logs from vCD cells by either entering vCD cells hostname or IP’s and click on SAVE NEW GROUP

Step 4:
Download and Install Log Insight Agent on each vCD Cells

To download:  Menu Icon -> Administration -> Agents -> At the bottom of the page you would see download option

Copy the downloaded agent to vCD Cell’s /tmp location using any file client like WinSCP

Install the agent,

Command: rpm -U VMware-Log-Insight-Agent-4.5.0-5626690.noarch_10.109.26.113.rpm

Step 5:

Configure the installed Log Insight agent to send logs to Log Insight.

cd /etc

vi liagent.ini

  • The hostname of log insight will be already present, since we downloaded the agent from log insight itself.
  • Uncomment proto=cfapi
  • Append configuration to liagent.ini file from Menu Icon -> Installed Content Packs -> VMware -vCloud Director -> Agent Groups -> From configuration row

Restart the liagent service: service liagentd restart

Step 6:

Verify your configuration. Go to Menu icon -> Administration -> Agents -> Select your Agents group you created and see the events received

Check the dashboards for Results