VMware Certifications – VCA / VCP / VCAP / VCIX / VCDX

I know most of you would be interested in completing VMware Certifications. Attaining certifications at regular interval of time will keep you updated with technology.

Very importantly if you are part of services organization you need to showcase your strength to VMware to keep progressing in their partner level ladder.

Here is the breakdown of VMware Certification:

  • VCA is Associate level for new Engineers.
  • VCP is Professional level for Administrators & Engineers.
  • VCAP is Advanced level for Administrators, Architects & Engineers.
  • VCDX is Expert level for Architects.

Note:- VCIX (Not a certification) – VMware Certified Implementation Expert Badge is awarded once you complete both VCAP Deploy and VCAP Design exam for any specific solution.

Along with Certificate you also get related Badges added to your account for certain certifications, badges would look like this:

Different VMware Solutions to get certified:

Each certification has its own prerequisites, either another certification or a required course to be completed. For more details, please refer to the below link:


You can also drop an email to certification@vmware.com to get your queries answered.