VMware Products Portfolio classified Technology wise – Quick Reference Sheet

Technology Products Description Desktop Hypervisor Fusion Pro Fusion Player Workstation Pro Workstation Player Desktop Hypervisor products from VMware provide IT pros, developers and businesses alike with a powerful local virtualization sandbox to build, run or support apps of any kind. (Can install on local laptop/Desktop) Compute Virtualization vSphere / ESXi vCenter Server vSphere – ESXi […]

Quarantine and Repatriation Flight Experience for International Passengers traveling back to India

Hello Guys! I was all over internet, tried calling so many phone numbers to get precise information about repatriation flight booking and what kind of quarantine would be applicable for international passengers returning to India. But there was no clear instruction anywhere and so many misleading & confusion information. Hence, I thought I will write […]

vSphere 7 – Demo Upgrade from VCSA 6.5 with Ext PSC to 7.0 | New Features – Update Planner | vCenter Profile | Template Versioning etc.

YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAWbYCuCzKU New Features in one liner: DRS Enhancement – More focused on VM workload requirement than the cluster. vMotion Enhancement – Reduced Stun Time / Switch-Over phase enhancement. Update Manager is Lifecycle Manager & Update Planner to plan the upgrade. vCenter Profiles (API Driven) – To List / Export / Import / […]

VMware Cloud Foundation – High Level Overview

Below is a short summary on VCF – VMware Cloud Foundation and how to setup a demo lab! Introduction: Just like how we evolved from traditional hardware/network/storage approach which was siloed and had to be managed by different team/vendor to CI and HCI infrastructure – which is integrated solution for compute, storage and networking. Similarly, VMware has come up […]

vRealize Automation MSDTC Settings / Port Requirements

Most of us know how important is MSDTC settings during vRA Installation or if we are moving vRA components to new network etc. MSDTC coordinates transactions that update two or more transaction-protected resources, such as databases, message queues, file systems. These transaction-protected resources may be on a single computer, or distributed across many networked computers. […]