VMware Products Portfolio classified Technology wise – Quick Reference Sheet

Desktop HypervisorFusion Pro

Fusion Player

Workstation Pro

Workstation Player
Desktop Hypervisor products from VMware provide IT pros, developers and businesses alike with a powerful local virtualization sandbox to build, run or support apps of any kind. (Can install on local laptop/Desktop)
Compute VirtualizationvSphere / ESXi

vCenter Server
vSphere – ESXi Hypervisor gets installed on bare metal server to virtualize compute.
vCenter – Centralized platform for controlling your vSphere environments, features like HA, DRS etc.
Storage & AvailabilityvSAN

VMware Site Recovery

Site Recovery Manager

Virtual Volumes (vVols)
vSAN – vSAN is enterprise-class, storage virtualization software that, when combined with vSphere, allows you to manage compute and storage with a single platform.
VMware Site Recovery – Protect your workloads both on-premises and on VMware Cloud on AWS, with on-demand Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (Datrium)
Site Recovery Manager – Site Recovery Manager is an industry-leading disaster recovery (DR) software that delivers automated orchestration of failover and fail-back to minimize downtime.
Virtual Volumes (vVols) – vVols is an integration and management framework that virtualizes SAN/NAS arrays, enabling a more efficient operational model that is optimized for virtualized environments and centered on the application instead of the infrastructure.
Virtual Cloud NetworkingNSX Cloud

NSX Data Center

NSX Advanced Load Balancer

vRealize Network Insight

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud
NSX Cloud – Deliver consistent networking and security for your applications running natively in public clouds with NSX Cloud.
NSX Data Center – VMware NSX Data Center delivers a complete L2-L7 networking and security virtualization platform — providing the ability to manage the entire network as a single entry from a single pane of glass.
NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) – VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) provides multi-cloud load balancing, web application firewall, application analytics and container ingress services across on-premises data centers and any cloud.
vRealize Network Insight – VMware vRealize Network Insight helps you build an optimized, highly-available, and secure network infrastructure across your Virtual Cloud Network, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments including NSX, VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud, vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS, and Kubernetes deployments.
VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud – VMware SD-WAN enables you to support application growth, network agility and simplified branch implementations while delivering optimized access to cloud datacenters and applications.
EUC(Desktop & App Virtualization)
Horizon / App Volumes (Cloud Apps) / ThinApp

Horizon Apps

Horizon Cloud

(Digital Workspace)
Workspace ONE / Air Watch
Desktop and app virtualization – publishes end user desktops and applications in a datacenter that is on-premises or in the cloud and renders it on endpoint devices. Enable end users to securely access corporate resources and work anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Digital Workspace – Simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device with VMware Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management into a single platform
Intrinsic SecurityAppDefense

SecureState CloudHealth

VMware Carbon Black Cloud
AppDefense – Endpoint security to protect any applications running in virtualized environments.
SecureState CloudHealth – Unified security monitoring approach for AWS, Azure, and Google Clouds. Add on is available for VMware data center monitoring as well.
VMware Carbon Black Cloud – Provides next-generation anti-virus (NGAV), endpoint detection and response (EDR), advanced threat hunting, and vulnerability management within a single console.
NSX Distributed IDS/IPS, NSX Intelligence, Service-Defined Firewall are also part of security
Cloud ManagementvRealize Suite

vCloud Suite

VMware Integrated OpenStack
vRealize Suite – VMware vRealize Suite is a multi-cloud management solution. It integrates VMware products that together provide a modern platform for infrastructure automation, operations, log analytics, and lifecycle management on-premises. (Includes – vRealize Operations, LogInsight, Lifecycle Manager, AI & Automation)
vCloud Suite – vRealize Suite + vSphere
VMware Integrated OpenStack – is a VMware supported OpenStack distribution that makes it easy to run an enterprise grade OpenStack cloud on top of VMware virtualization technologies.
Hyperconverged Infrastructure & Private-Hybrid CloudVMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

VMware Cloud Director

VMware Cloud Director Availability

VMware HCX

VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts

(VMware on Public Cloud)
Azure VMware Solutions
Google VMware Engine
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution …
VMware Cloud Foundation – is the hybrid cloud platform for managing VMs and orchestrating containers, built on full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology.
VMware Cloud on Dell EMC – is a fully managed hybrid cloud service that combines the simplicity and agility of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure.
VMware Cloud Director – is a leading cloud service-delivery platform used by some of the world’s most popular cloud providers to operate and manage successful cloud-service businesses.
VMware Cloud Director Availability – is a powerful solution built to offer simple, secure, and cost-effective onboarding, migration, and disaster recovery services “to” or “between” multi-tenant VMware clouds.
VMware HCX – is an application mobility platform designed for simplifying application migration, workload rebalancing and business continuity across datacenters and clouds. Note: This product was formerly known as Hybrid Cloud Extension and NSX Hybrid Connect.
VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts – delivers a fully managed VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) running on AWS Outposts infrastructure on premises
VMware on Public Cloud (VMC on AWS, Azure VMware Solutions, Google VMware Engine, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution etc.) – This Solutions brings VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center software to the public cloud, and enables customers to run production applications across VMware vSphere®-based private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, with optimized access to native cloud services.
Tanzu (App Modernization)Tanzu Mission Control

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Tanzu Application Catalog

Tanzu Application Service

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

Tanzu Service Mesh
Build new cloud-native apps, modernize existing apps, and operate infrastructure that serves them all across any cloud.
Tanzu Mission Control – Single point of control to provision and apply policies to all of your Kubernetes across clouds.
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid – Ubiquitous Kubernetes runtime embedded in vSphere and operable across public clouds and edge.
Tanzu Application Catalog – Curated and customized catalog of apps and components available in your private repository.
Tanzu Application Service – Application runtime optimized for Spring and Spring Boot with turnkey microservices, operations, and security.
Tanzu Service Mesh – Enterprise-class service mesh technology to connect and protect your microservices on multi-cluster Kubernetes
Tanzu Observability by Wavefront – Enterprise observability that delivers metrics and insights from infrastructure to apps.
*Pivotal tc Server, Pivotal App Suite & Pivotal RabbitMQ are part of app modernization
Telco Cloud Telco Cloud Infrastructure

Telco Cloud Operations

Uhana by VMware

VMware Integrated OpenStack Carrier Edition

Telco Cloud Automation

Telco Cloud Platform
Telco Cloud Infrastructure – Multi-tenant platform with compute, storage, networking, management, and operations capabilities. Create and scale virtual network functions based on real-time demand with a software-defined network infrastructure.
Telco Cloud Operations – Automated service assurance for physical and virtual network management.
Uhana by VMware – AI-based RAN analytics for mobile network operators
VMware Integrated OpenStack Carrier Edition – Carrier-grade OpenStack solution with the fastest path to a fully operational environment
Telco Cloud Automation – Orchestrate and automate the management of any network function and service cross any network and any cloud
Telco Cloud Platform – Deploy network functions, anytime, anywhere in your 5G networks without disruption.
ConverterVMware vCenter ConvertervCenter Converter – Software that transforms Windows- and Linux-based physical machines into virtual machines.
Emerging TechnologiesBig Data

High Performance Computing

VMware Blockchain
VMware vSphere Big Data – vApp to deploy and manage the Hadoop clusters for big data analytics in VMware Infrastructure.
High Performance Computing – Capture the benefits of virtualization for HPC workloads while delivering performance that is comparable to bare-metal.
VMware Blockchain – is the digital foundation that helps you run business-critical, multi-party applications.