Upgrading vRA 7.x might fails with error: Management Agent automatic upgrade failed

Error in VAMI:   Error in updatecli.log:   The Management Agent registers the IaaS Windows server with the vRealize Automation appliance, automates the installation and management of IaaS components, and collects support and telemetry information. The Management Agent runs as a Windows service.   If there is communication issue between management agent and vRA appliance […]

How to Register a vRealize Orchestrator Instance with vCloud Director 9.1

Reference Article: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vCloud-Director/9.1/com.vmware.vcloud.spportal.doc/GUID-BEE4297F-8353-4DE3-8E86-DB2B511CAC77.html   Step 1: Deploy vRealize Orchestrator, supported versions with vCD 9.1 are mentioned in below link: https://partnerweb.vmware.com/comp_guide2/sim/interop_matrix.php#interop&224=2656&117= Note: Orchestrator must be configured with vSphere authentication. Step 2: Make sure the vCD is registered to same vSphere (PSC) as vRO in the above step. Screenshot from lab: Step 3: Access URL: https://<VCD-IPorFQDN>/provider/libraries/service-admin/vro-registration Click […]

vRA/vRO 7.4 upgrade fails with duplicatesException – Orchestartor database

VAMI UI Error: postupdate.log (/var/log/bootstrap): Resolution: (As usual: Take backup/snapshot before performing below steps) Quick fix: If you do not use Horizon Plugin in your environment, please remove it and then retry the upgrade.  Else follow below steps Step 1: If you have VMware horizon plugin in your environment and if you are using this, […]